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About Manufacturing Engineering, Inc.

The company was founded in 1994 by current president, Jerry Hoskins and began business that same year. We have been in continuous operation ever since.

We are in the business of transforming manufacturing "performance and cost" and improving value chain performance at great value.

Our commitment is to Deliver Performance and Value with expectation. That expectation is a sustained Top-25% performance and at least a 40% IRR on your investment with us.

We are heavily process and engineering focused and use a structured approach to delivering transformation solutions. We use senior resources with heavy implementation experience to lead customer programs and we approach our work through teams involving out customer's employees.

We have ready-to-go training materials that we have spent years developing. Our transfer the knowledge to our customers so that implementations are sustainable.

Our industry experience is broad including electronics, plastics, pharmaceutical, photonic, automotive, apparel, plastics, paper, printing, large format printing, power generation, heavy equipment, food, fabricating, machining, repair processing, lighting, glass, and sensors. We have experience in both the commercial and government sectors.

We are based in Columbus, OH in our own facilities. Our client base is across the US and Canada with a small content in Mexico. We have generally low cost air travel across our customer base. For customers within six hours we generally use auto travel. We do not charge our customers for non-project travel time.



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