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Train - Implement - Sustain

We implement 5S in our customer's facility through an approach that involves onsite training, implementation, operation, and sustainment. This is an ongoing training and implementation program where the training is done throughout the implementation. We do the training, program management, and facilitation and commit to at least 40% ROI.

5S is a proven workplace methodology for "creating and sustaining" a clean, safe, and productive work environment through employee involvement. 5S is a foundation program for improving performance and reducing cost and that is the expectation when you work with us to implement your 5S program.  

We use a unique training and implementation approach that results in 5S being operational in about six weeks. Then the focus is on operational effectiveness and sustainment.

To discuss your 5S needs send an email to We will respond within one business day. 

Our 5S program is implemented by addressing each S of the five Ss. Those being Sort, Set-in-order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. 5S Scope
We have excellent 5S training and implementation resources that we use in the training and implementation of 5S.  
  • 5S Implementation Guide
  • 5S Participant's Training Summary
  • 5S Red and Yellow Tags
  • 5S Facilitator Presentation in electronic format
  • Native format electronic versions of forms, logs, schedules, audit procedure, audit tracking
  • Ability to tailor for your facility
  • Access to communication board, shadow boards, floor tape, heavy cleaning and painting resources
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